Current Projects

Ordered in alphabetical order.

Ens Causa Sui [link]

Familiarity [link]
(Collaborating Sprite and CG Artist)

Porcelain Heart [link]
(CG Artist)

Roundscape: Adorevia (Warning: 18+) [link]
(Collaborating Artist)

The Witching Hour [link]
(Main Writer, Artist, Programmer)

Completed Projects

Ordered from newest to oldest. Dates signify the end of my work on the project.

Dejection: An Ode [link]
November 2014
(Sprite Artist)

Tailypo [link]
November 2014

Saving Zoey [link]
November 2014
(Collaborating Sprite Artist)

FI: Interview [link]
October 2014
(CG Artist)

Stanley and His Sword
July 2014

Visual Novel Tycoon [link]
April 2014

Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! [link]
November 2013

A Simple Love Story [link]
September 2013
(Artist, Programmer, Writer)

Time Labyrinth [link]
September 2013
(Collaborating Artist, Logo Artist)

Misadventures of Detective Butler [link]
January 2013
(Early Concept Artist)

Shadow on the Bridge [link]
April 2012
(Sprite Artist)