Commission Status: CLOSED


★ All prices are in USD. ★

Prices for commercial projects will be different from those listed.
Feel free to contact me to ask me about pricing.

I currently accept payment through Paypal.
If you have an alternate method of payment, let me know ahead of time.


If you have any questions or you'd like to commission me, go ahead and send me an e-mail at

chocojax [at]

I check it daily, so expect a reply within a day.

Visual Novels

Sprites: a base includes 3 expressions
  Side Sprite: $15
  Bust Sprite: $20
  Full Body Sprite: $30
 ★ Additional...
  Minor Adjustment: $8
  Alternate Pose: about 75% of the type of sprite
  Alternate Outfit: depends on the type of sprite; complexity of outfit (*)
  Additional Expression: $1
* If you plan on having an additional outfit(s), please let me know ahead of time.

  Base price is $35. This may change due to the complexity of the scene.

Past Projects

Roundscape: Adorevia - Ongoing: Monthly Updates - Artist (Facesets, Standing Sprites)
Dejection: An Ode - November 2014 - Sprite Artist
Saving Zoey - November 2014 - Collaborating Sprite Artist
Tailypo - November 2014 - Artist
Stanley and His Sword - July 2014 - Artist
Visual Novel Tycoon - April 2014 - Artist
Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! - November 2013 - Colorist
A Simple Love Story - September 2013 - Artist
Time Labyrinth - September 2013 - Collaborating Artist
Shadow on the Bridge - April 2012 - Sprite Artist